Israel 2014 Peace Talks a Charade? A story of threats, coercion and failure ...a grave scenario

Israel 2014: Peace Talks a Charade? 

A story of threats, coercion and failure ...a grave scenario

In a recent twist, its beginning to appear as though there was never any intention for peace talks of any sort to succeed as Western interests seem to be working behind the scenes on developments between Turkey and Syria within missile range of Israel.

However, in Amman, Jordan March 26, facing the possible collapse of his signature Middle East peace effort, Secretary of State John F. Kerry interrupted a European diplomatic trip to meet face to face Wednesday with a Palestinian leader who has threatened to walk out of the negotiations.

U.S. officials refused to discuss Kerry’s meetings in depth, but State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki disputed Israeli news media claims that current discussions include the early release from a U.S. prison of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

Israel wants Palestinian leaders to agree to extend the talks before it carries out the prisoner release. Israeli officials have suggested the release of the last of four groups of Palestinian prisoners may be delayed or canceled. They blame Palestinians for changing the terms or failing to negotiate seriously as Kerry’s self-imposed deadline for an outline approaches at the end of April.

It is not clear what Kerry would do if either side walked out. Source

However, as of today, it looks as though we are going to find out.

With chemical weapons attacks in Syria, and Ukraine of the brink of civil war and Russian intervention, events continue to fall into a familiar pattern.

Color Revolutions and chaos

The Syrian War brought The US and Russia to the brink of the first major confrontation since the Yom Kippur War of 1973 ...and now, Ukraine.

Recent events perfectly fit into the US-invented concept of 'manageable chaos' (also known as 'controlled instability' theory). Among its authors are: Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Polish American political scientist, Gene Sharp, who wrote From Dictatorship to Democracy, and Steven Mann, whose Chaos Theoryand Strategic Thought was published in Washington in 1992, and who was involved in plotting 'color revolutions' in some former Soviet republics.

To understand how the pieces fit in Ukraine and Crimea, its important to have some background on events leading up to where we are now ...its better to understand the relationship with The Arab Spring, Egypt and Syria.

Important read: The theory of 'manageable chaos' put into practice Strategic
Culture Foundation Sergei SHASHKOV | 01.03.2011 | 16:20:

Walking through the series of events as they were unfolded through updates in this article and to date, where we are headed is essentially bringing us back to the brink that threatened Humanity in the fall of 2013. 

As events in Ukraine, Venezuela, and other distractions continue, it is critical to remain vigilant on events taking place around Israel.
By design, a house of cards being built over recent months is about to topple. 

US Escalates Syrian Intervention

TEHRAN (FNA)- Having failed to advance regime change in Syria through two rounds of talks in Geneva, the Obama administration is stepping up its funding and arming of Islamist and mercenary militias fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. And once again, Washington is turning toward direct military intervention.

In what marks a sharp escalation of the US-backed war for regime-change, the Saudi monarchy is shipping more sophisticated weaponry, including shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles, to the so-called “rebels”, while the US itself is paying salaries to an entire “rebel” front in Southern Syria near the Jordanian border
. Farsnews Tehran Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:55

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem has blamed the United States for the failure of the second round of peace talks in Geneva.

Muallem made the remarks on Sunday during an interview with the state media about the talks as the Syrian delegation was returning from Switzerland to Damascus.


The Syrian foreign minister said the US tried to "create a very negative climate for dialogue in Geneva."  

"The failure to agree an agenda for future rounds of talks ... is a serious setback in the search for peace in Syria, and the responsibility for it lies squarely with the Assad regime," British Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Saturday. PressTV  Monday Feb 24, 201406:34 PM GMT

As the eyes of the world were on Sochi, and Ukraine, the anticipated failure of The Geneva talks on Syria and Palestine, behind the scenes world leaders have been maneuvering in preparation of a greater conflict


'All the preparatory efforts mentioned here appear to be evidence that the military option is not dead, and that the failure of the Geneva conference and the realization that a diplomatic solution is not on the horizon are only helping to make that option a reality.'

The United States is constructing runways for reconnaissance aircraft near the border between Jordan and Syria, and in recent weeks Saudi Arabia has flown weaponry and ammunition purchased in Ukraine to bases in Jordan. The Gulf states have sent many convoys of food and tents for use by new refugees.

All of this is apparently being done in preparation for a large military operation that reports say will originate in Jordan and extend across the desert in an attempt to reach Damascus.

According to reports, Israel has also been involved, and even provided active assistance in at least one attack by rebel troops four months ago, when its communications and intelligence base on Mount Hermon jammed the Syrian army’s communications system and the information relayed between its fighting forces and their headquarters.  Source

Prior to the Geneva talks, both sides of the Israel/Palestinian issue held their ground against any resolution framework created by the Kerry group.

'Hamas official says Palestinians won't accept any agreement Abbas signs with Israel; senior Hamas official in West Bank criticizes Abbas for saying he would agree to deployment of NATO troops in future Palestinian state.' 02/04/2014 22:02 The Jerusalem Post  

The statement from Hamas underscores only one of many reasons for the imminent outcome Humanity is facing. 

Leaked audiotapes of Turkish National Security meetings, released anonymously on 27 March 2014 through YouTube, reveal the existence of a plot by the Erdo─čan government to enter into open war against Syria. Seized with panic, the administration immediately moved to block access to YouTube for its citizens, while denouncing a violation of National Defense secrets.

In his first official statement since an audio recording of a top secret security meeting between senior Turkish officials was leaked on the internet, Turkish president Abdullah Gul said the leak exposed Turkey's national security weaknesses.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan denounced the leaks as "villainous", while foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu called the posting a "declaration of war."

Calling the wiretapping of the meeting an act of espionage against the security of the state, Gul said ''the wiretapping of a meeting between the state's most important bureaucratic heads is a huge act of insolence.'' Source

As the Middle East situation becomes more fluid, concerns about Turkey have been highlighted recently as the country replaced Iran as the leading sponsor of the terrorist organization Hamas, and has made steps towards an alliance with Iran.

The following, is an historic thread of recent progress and status of the Israel/Palestinian 'peace process' negotiations coordinated and lead by John Kerry. 

Everything herein is documented, and underscores an inescapable bottom line.
Regardless of what side or reason one stands on the matter of peace between Palestine and Israel (which have been ongoing for a generation) ...the reality is, all of Humanity is being lead down a dangerous path by a handful of divided elitists and will be effected by its outcome ...while each side is fighting to gain the upper hand at the expense of a majority who simply want a peaceful and productive life for themselves and their loved ones.

Anyone who has studied the Israeli/Palestinian 'peace process' knows that words mean nothing.

Were Peace Talks designed to fail?

Looking back at collective events since mid 2013, one could almost assume ...failure of the peace talks have been by design.

The onset of the current Peace Talks began through formal discussions at the White House in July 2013.

Notwithstanding, progress has been lackluster with tensions increasing on both sides of the issue and international interests jumping in against Israel's best interest and national security.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, along with Palestinian Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat and Mohammed Shtayyeh (right) and Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Yitzhak Molho (left) at the formal resumption of direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, in the Oval Office, July 30, 2013

(photo credit: Official White House Photo, Chuck Kennedy)

Obama: Less than 50% chance of Israeli-Palestinian peace
January 20, 2014, 1:27 am, The Times of Israel

Still, US president tells The New Yorker, on talks, Iran, and Syria, he ‘may be able to push the boulder partway up the hill’

'Chances are that the current round of talks between Israelis and Palestinians will end without a final agreement, said President Barack Obama.'

He made his remarks
during a November interview with The New Yorker’s David Remnick, which was published online.

“‘Obama told me that in all three of his main initiatives in the region—with Iran, with Israel and the Palestinians, with Syria—the odds of completing final treaties are less than fifty-fifty,” wrote Remnick.

“It would be profoundly in the interest of citizens throughout the region if Sunnis and Shias weren’t intent on killing each other"


Discussions began in early January with Israel making clear its position on national security as the highest priority for the people of Israel.

On 02 January 2014 The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu met with US Secretary of State John Kerry and made the following remarks at the start of their meeting:

"I am determined, above all else, to defend my people and my state, and I will never compromise on the security of Israel and its citizens and on the vital interests that protect our future.

I think you know, John, more than most, how important it is to ensure the security of Israel." 

After an initial heated reaction to warnings made by US Secretary of State John Kerry earlier Saturday, February first in Munich, regarding imminent boycotts against Israel should they not agree to the US framework proposal, the Israeli diplomatic sphere was reminded of one of its most challenging threats.

Economic boycotts would in fact have an impact on Israel's economy.

Diplomacy has limited tools to combat boycotts initiated by commercial companies, says Foreign Ministry official: 'As long as Israel continues to build (in settlements), Europe will continue to ban' Israeli trade. Source

In addition, officials within the Foreign Ministry further warn, that as long as Israel ignores warnings made by both its allies and critics, the anti-Israel wave will increase.


Earlier in December, 2013 a senior EU official said that the bloc was considering cutting its annual aid to the PA if the current round of talks fails to end in an agreement. The EU provides the PA with about 300 million Euros in aid per year.


As well, the official was quoted by Israeli media as having said, the 28-nation bloc was considering reviving its plan to label products manufactured in Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria. Source
Having pause to consider the scope and impact following Kerry's earlier statement Saturday, and Israel's initial reaction, it has been said Israel is set to give its wary assent to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s framework peace proposal as the basis for continuing talks with the Palestinian Authority through to the end of 2014, Channel 2 news reported on Saturday night. 

The TV report said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman are all inclining to accept the US framework terms, some of which were detailed by Martin Indyk, the State Department’s lead envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, in a conference call with American Jewish leaders on Thursday.

Essentially, at this juncture, a memorandum of understanding (the US framework document), whose terms will not have to be signed off as fully binding by the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships, provides for talks on Palestinian statehood based on the pre-1967 lines with land swaps to enable 75 to 80 percent of settlers to come under Israeli sovereignty, relates to Israel as the Jewish state, provides for compensation for refugees but no Palestinian “right of return,” and does not go into detail on the fate of Jerusalem, Indyk indicated.  Source

However, after further reconsideration on Sunday, Israeli ministers sparred with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry over peacemaking, suggesting he’s giving implicit support to a global campaign to sanction the Jewish state for its settlements.

A day after Kerry warned Israel of the economic damage sanctions could cause, Israeli Minister of Intelligence and Strategic Affairs Yuval Steinitz, a close ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, called the top U.S. diplomat’s remarks “offensive, unfair and intolerable.” Israel, he said, “can’t be expected to negotiate with a gun to its head.”

Israeli politicians’ sharp criticism of US Secretary of State John Kerry led to the State Department issuing an unusual statement Sunday imploring Kerry’s critics not to distort his words.


“Secretary Kerry has a proud record of over three decades of steadfast support for Israel’s security and well-being, including staunch opposition to boycotts,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki wrote.


The State Department comment came following a barrage of criticism aimed at Kerry for mentioning “talk of boycotts” Saturday at the Munich Security Conference while discussing possible scenarios if the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations break down.

“You see, for Israel there’s an increasing delegitimization campaign that has been building up,” Kerry said. “People are very sensitive to it. There are talk of boycotts and other kinds of things. Are we all going to be better with all of that?” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu mentioned the prospects of boycotts at the opening of Sunday’s cabinet meeting, but was very careful not to mention Kerry. Efforts to boycott Israel are neither moral nor justified, he said amid a growing public sense that the boycott and divestment movement is gaining traction.

Moreover, Netanyahu said, these efforts will not achieve their goals.

“First, they cause the Palestinians to become entrenched behind their intransigent positions and push peace farther away, and secondly, no pressure will cause me to give up vital Israeli interests, first and foremost the security of Israel’s citizens,” Netanyahu said.

While Netanyahu never mentioned Kerry, Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz had no such reluctance.

Kerry’s words, he told reporters before the cabinet meeting, were “offensive, unreasonable and unacceptable.

It is impossible to expect Israel to negotiate with a gun to its head.” Sources


Earlier Saturday, US secretary of state made remarks at Munich Security Conference threatening boycotts against Israel at which time Deputy defense minister Danon slams Kerry's remarks saying that Israel will "not negotiate with gun to its head." 

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett (Bayit Yehudi) reacted strongly to Kerry's remarks.

"No nation has ever given up its land because of economic threats and we won't either," Bennett said.
The Jerusalem Post

JERUSALEM — A chorus of Israeli politicians warned Secretary of State John F. Kerry on Sunday that they would not be bullied into a peace deal with the Palestinians by growing threats of boycott and isolation. Washington Post

Amid faltering peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, Israeli politicians and business leaders are forced to consider a host of international boycotts that threaten to damage the economy of the Jewish state, local media reveal. Source RT

Kerry said failure to reach a peace deal would damage Israel’s capacity to be “a democratic state with the particular special Jewish character that is a central part of the narrative and of the future.”

However, between the two parties, any agreement at all is far from coming together. Source 

Amid threats and coercion ...talks of peace, but there is no peace

As powerful forces are working together to resolve what is becoming a losing battle on America's effort to resolve the Middle East turmoil with Israel, Palestine, and Syria (and what will soon become an unprecedented game changer for Humanity) ...opposing forces strive to undermine any hope.

The restarted peace negotiations saw Israel and Palestine returning to the negotiation table after a three-year break in July last year. The talks are set to last until April.

But at the end of any given day, as rockets continue being fired from Gaza and Israel responds agreement has yet to come in the umpteenth round of efforts.

MUNICH, Germany - Before the heat of the discussions, top officials from the United Nations, United States, Russia and European Union met on Saturday to discuss how they can help US Secretary of State John Kerry's drive for a Middle East peace deal, the EU said on Friday.

The meeting of the so-called Quartet of Middle East peace mediators was held in Munich on the sidelines of the annual security conference there. 

Kerry has toiled for six months to push Palestinians and Israelis towards an elusive peace deal to end their generations-old conflict. Source

In Kerry's gallant announcement about heading up peace talks to end the strife between Israel and Palestine, despite failures, John Kerry presses for peace in the Middle East relentlessly as tensions rise against Israel from several fronts including strong words from Al-Qaida while China makes Prophetic moves behind the scenes ...with all sides standing firm on their positions.


As rockets fly into Israel, foreign interests add to the mix of emotions in an increasingly dangerous game.


A barrage of at least 6 rockets were fired from Gaza towards Ashkelon, leading the defense establishment to reportedly reconsider the Pillar of Cloud ceasefire. The barrage also led Ashdod to cancel classes at all schools that are not reinforced against rocket fire. Source

China Wants to Join Middle East Peace Quartet

FM: China to enhance role in Mideast.

China is ready to join the Middle East Quartet to help negotiate a peace agreement between the Israeli and Palestinians, according to the country’s foreign minister.

The Middle East Quartet comprises the U.S., Russia, the EU and the United Nations, with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair currently serving as its special envoy. It was created in 2002 in the aftermath of the Second Intifada as a mechanism to jump start peace talks between the Palestinians and Israelis. Read More


Wang Yi Gave an Interview to Al Jazeera 2014/01/09 

Wang Yi: 'The Palestine-Israel issue is a long-standing hotspot issue. Peace in the Middle East will be elusive if this issue is not resolved. As a permanent member of the Security Council, China has all along played its own role in seeking a solution. In May this year, China received the visits by Palestinian and Israeli leaders at the same time. President Xi Jinping went out of his way to work on them respectively and made a four-point proposal to resolve the Palestine-Israel issue. He stressed that an independent Palestinian State and a peaceful co-existence between Palestine and Israel is the right direction of a settlement, that peace negotiation is the only realistic way leading to Palestine-Israel reconciliation, that "land for peace" and other principles are the important foundation to advance the Middle East peace process, and that international support is a necessary guarantee for moving the peace process forward. The four-point proposal by President Xi is highly comprehensive and has been well received by both Palestine and Israel and the international community at large.' Read the entire interview with Al Jazeera in Beijing
Meanwhile, both Israel and the Palestinian Authority have made it absolutely clear that neither side will budge on the position of a shared state (in particular over hot spots like the Temple Mount).

Threats and coercion

Al-Qaida has managed to recover from the wave of U.S. assassinations of its senior leaders, including Osama bin Laden, and begun to reestablish itself throughout the Middle East, while concentrating most of its power and efforts in the Syrian civil war. 

The organization’s current leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, considers the Syria-Israel border in the Golan Heights a staging ground for Jihadist activity against Israeli targets – activity that is expected to increase if Al-Qaida and groups affiliated with it manage to win their struggle against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

This, as Israel prepares for rocket attacks and unprecedented high tensions in Lebanon, Gaza and Syria, while John Kerry (so far) has failed to achieve even a 'frame work' for peace negotiations despite attempts through coercive strong arm tactics.


'Recently, four rockets were fired at Israel from southern Lebanon, with two landing in open areas near the town of Kiryat Shmona. The missiles landed in open areas and caused no damage, but shocked the country after several years of relative calm along the northern front.'

“The Government of Israel holds the Lebanese government responsible for the escalation of violence in recent weeks,” Prosor wrote. “In addition to the wave of rockets, armed fighters have been firing across the Blue Line into northern Israel throughout the month of December. And just last week, a member of the Lebanese Armed Forces shot and killed an Israeli, Shlomi Cohen, while he was driving in a civilian vehicle inside Israel.”

The ambassador highlighted Hezbollah’s presence in Lebanon and noted that its military use of the area near the border with Israel is a war crime.

“In direct violation of international law, Hezbollah has stationed tens of thousands of missiles and rockets in the heart of Southern Lebanon’s civilian population,” he wrote. “Hezbollah is committing a double war crime; first by using Lebanese civilians as human shields and second by targeting Israeli citizens.” Read More say the least, at this juncture the matter and status of 'Peace Talks' being orchestrated by the United States is nothing less than grave in all aspects.

Amid all else, as Israel has faced threats from Hezbollah, rocket attacks from Gaza and economic sanctions as blackmail ...back alley type arm twisting has been a part of the Kerry plan revealed by none other than Palestine. negotiators.

Kerry was to "force" Israel on a deal

The scenario intended by the Kerry team earlier in January was to be crammed down Israel's and Prime Minister Netanyahu's throat spells out nothing less than all hell to break loose sooner than later ...a game changer for all of Humanity.

Kerry's failed 'US 'offensive' was aimed for a January interim agreement, Jerusalem internationally managed, Israeli withdrawals and 'earned' Jewishness.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) negotiating team revealed some contents of the secretive peace talks it has been holding with Israel, under American auspices.

Concerning Jerusalem, Yedid reveals that discussions revolve around proposals following the model of the Vatican, whereby the Old City and the Temple Mount would be a sort of autonomous region under joint international management, including Israeli and PA representatives.

"Earning" a Jewish state

Analyst Mark Langfan describes the plan as a "death-trap" for Israel. Langfan notes the plan doesn't even meet the minimum "defensible" Israeli borders as determined by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff (USJCoS) in 1967, even according to military realities of that time.

The Arab League has so far followed PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's lead in rejecting the plan.

The PA sources claim that Abbas's official refusal to recognize Israel as the Jewish state stems from "concerns" that Israeli Arabs enjoying citizenship in Israel will be included as part of a Palestinian state. Abbas has already declared no Jews will be allowed in a future "Palestine."

The proposed agreement would reportedly force Israel to obligate itself through guarantees that it will not compromise the status of Israeli Arabs, and in doing so begin "earning" PA recognition of Israel as the state of the Jews. Read more

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas told a delegation  that there will be "no peace between us and Israel" without eastern Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state, the Ma’an news agency reported.


Speaking to a delegation from Jerusalem in his office in Ramallah, Abbas highlighted that the Arab Follow-up Committee would reiterate this stance during a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

"He will be told that occupied East Jerusalem is the capital of the state of Palestine, and without this there will be no peace between us and Israel," Abbas declared.

“Hamas and its Palestinian allies will in any case never accept Israel’s right to exist. So even if Abbas today gets 100 percent of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem to establish a Palestinian state, Hamas, which represents a substantial part of the Palestinian population, will continue to fight to ‘liberate the rest of Palestine.”
02/04/2014 22:02 The Jerusalem Post

The current round of negotiations has been limited to nine months after which "we are free to do whatever we want," he said, highlighting that, "the time frame is limited and not open, and our unanimous position isn't secret."Arutz Sheva 1/12/2014

So Why Was John Kerry Pushing Forward With Talks?
Events surrounding the recently revived Middle East 'Peace Talks' unfolding daily in global news, focus on the hope of 'all the kings' horses and all the kings' men bringing a solution to the table that will end decades of strife for not only Israel, but the entire region through political means as if politics will cure what will never come to pass.

Despite the threats and coercion, there is a reason for the never ending failure of efforts for peace in the Middle East presently (and always have been), in vain.

It is important to understand why, and what will be the outcome beyond what the powers that be want you to believe. Having the proper perspective can mean the difference between life and death for you.

"'Because they lead my people astray, saying, "Peace," when there is no peace, and because, when a flimsy wall is built, they cover it with whitewash, therefore tell those who cover it with whitewash that it is going to fall. Rain will come in torrents, and I will send hailstones hurtling down, and violent winds will burst forth.'  Ezekiel 13:10-11

As tensions flare in the region, for people world wide, the Palestinian issue and a never ending peace process remains on the top of the list of issues against Israel

Unfortunately, despite going through the motions as parties on both sides have clearly stated their reasons why ...the peace global powers are seeking, for their own reasons, will never be achieved.

Something to think about
Despite ongoing peace negotiations, violations of a cease fire on both sides continue to hinder talks. Any reasonable solution for peace with Israel cannot be realized through a constant barrage of rockets and terrorism without the expectation of retaliation any more so than if the same occurred against China, Russia, the United States, France, United Kingdom or any other country.

'From the least to the greatest, all are greedy for gain; prophets and priests alike, all practice deceit. 11 They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. "Peace, peace," they say, when there is no peace. 12 Are they ashamed of their loathsome conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush. So they will fall among the fallen; they will be brought down when they are punished, says the LORD'. Jeremiah 8:10-12

This is the key that puts everything in perspective

Jordanian MPs: No peace deal with ‘deceitful’ Jews February 7, 2014, 1:44 am Times of Israel

 Parliamentarians cite religious sources to ‘prove’ Palestinian right to all land, impossibility of reconciliation with Israel

In a parliamentary session dedicated to peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, Jordanian lawmakers turned to Christian and Islamic sources to buttress claims that no accord would be reached, and framed the conflict with Israel as an age-old religious battle.

“There is a dispute of faith between Judaism, on the one hand, and Islam and Christianity on the other,” MP Muhammad Al-Badri said at the session on Monday, according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). “Therefore, no solutions will be achieved here – neither by John Kerry, nor by anybody else.”

The challenge that Kerry and 'all the kings horses and all the kings men' face with all their armies and conventional wisdom is beyond anything 'diplomacy' will resolve.

And so it has been since nearly the beginning of time.

'At some point, ... it will be too late for effective political action. ... there reaches a point where it won’t matter who’s president and it won’t matter how devoted the global community is ...the damage will be out of control.

With recent events involving Syria and Iran ..if not the reverse, where enemies of Israel attack first ...with well armed enemies gathering around Israel's borders while rockets from Gaza are launched into Israel often (sometimes daily) ...despite decades of global effort to establish peace in the Middle East in the spirit of a greater good for Humanity ...whether right or wrong, the inevitable compelling of Israel to take retaliatory or preemptive measures into Her own hands in the name of national security, will bring pause and justification to the global community to rethink the State of Israel having a place in the developing New World Order ...and to arrive at only one logical solution (from a progressive perspective and rationale) ...that the nations judge, and come against the Nation of Israel to remove the problem in the Middle East ...once and for all.

The odds against unprecedented events unfolding as you read this coinciding with events described by ancient prophets in the way they are coming together are astronomical.

Understanding God, and His relationship with Israel and His people may be the difference in surviving what is to come.

Watch out that no one deceives you! Matthew 24


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'A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.' -Edward R. Murrow

As people surround themselves with like minded others and focus on political scandals and distractions intended by design to divide ...a snare is being set to subdue the nation.

It seems like only yesterday, but once again The un-United States turned the corner on January 1, 2014 into another important election year.

Celebrity pundits pondering over current scandals in the Obama administration are beginning to weigh whether Obama is incompetent or decisions resulting in the scandals are intentional.

Unfortunately America is facing issues people don't want to look at and others the elite powers do not want you to see.

Despite your refusal to believe it ...your thoughts on critical issues America is facing are most likely not even your own. There are specific reasons for why this is.

Even as you think you are well informed of critical issues (and probably more so than many), much of what you know and lead to believe comes from media ...the majority of which has an agenda to serve those who are in control of the masses by giving you information designed for you to believe what they want you to believe. 

Understanding the game and how it works will make all the difference in the world to you.

One really has to wonder how totally stupid Americans must be when super criminals like George Soros, Wall Streeters, Bill Ayres, and others can openly strut their stuff in the face of taxpayers after raping the country and come back for more President Obama can increase the deficit by trillions of dollars, attack the Constitution, wade through increasing scandals and go on a hundred million dollar trip to Africa while the world is on the brink of a third world war without proof he is even qualified to be eligible for Presidency and spend a reported  $1.4 billion (alleged and unverified by the infamous Daily Caller) on just the Obama family.

Despite all the resources available to Americans, most people will be told what to think making decisions based on the 100's of millions of dollars spent through media manipulation and images around snippets and sound-bytes without ever looking at the facts within the context of unfolding events.


However, if you learn and understand what to look for ...look close enough and listen carefully as the political drama evolves surrounding recent Obama scandals and events in the Middle East, in the midst of distraction you can see the sleight of hand by the magician, and the strings of the puppeteer behind the scenes. 

Color Revolutions and chaos

The Syrian War brought The US and Russia to the brink of the first major confrontation since the Yom Kippur War of 1973 ...and now, Ukraine.

Recent events perfectly fit into the US-invented concept of 'manageable chaos' (also known as 'controlled instability' theory). Among its authors are: Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Polish American political scientist, Gene Sharp, who wrote From Dictatorship to Democracy, and Steven Mann, whose Chaos Theoryand Strategic Thought was published in Washington in 1992, and who was involved in plotting 'color revolutions' in some former Soviet republics.

To understand how the pieces fit in Ukraine and Crimea, its important to have some background on events leading up to where we are now ...its better to understand the relationship with The Arab Spring, Egypt and Syria.

Important read: The theory of 'manageable chaos' put into practice Strategic
Culture Foundation Sergei SHASHKOV | 01.03.2011 | 16:20:

For the sake of sanity, Americans on both sides of the political issues spinning out of control should open their minds and see they're being duped and how.

The interview below, albeit over a year ago, touches on mechanics behind the scenes of current protests and revolutions and political division.

This article goes on to explain in detail how social and media manipulation affects change for the benefit of the corrupt elite.

Divide and conquer 

The greatest threat to US National Security is the division within the people of America all by design and **naivety carefully.

Of course, in a  global house of cards with both global and economic security teetering on catastrophe and the 'new reality' being that everything is dependent on everything else ...the thought of  the United States imploding is entirely plausible. 

From Lincoln's House Divided Speech:

"**....A house divided upon itself- and upon that foundation do our enemies build their hopes of subduing us." Abigail Adam


We look upon the image of a man we want to trust without seeing the truth in front of us ...seeing the deception when its too late.

Much of what we hear and perceive is exactly what is expected  by design from special interests attempting to lure your vote and support through any and all means ... the least of which is inciting confusion and fear.

Science of Manipulation*

'Real eyes realize real lies'

Not been trained to deal with these issues? 

For the most part, only the players themselves understand the rules of the game. 

The rules of the game

Unless you're a fool and you know you can't swim keep from drowning
you're going to take some  kind of advice ...maybe even lessons before
jumping in the water.

This is no time to be naive. There is virtually no reason why you should not make the effort and take the time to understand need to know information on the rules of the games being used against them. 

**The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist by H. Michael Sweeney

**The 25 Rules of Disinformation 

© 2012 The Vigilant Citizen

**Inside Media Matters: Sources, memos reveal erratic behavior, close coordination with White House and news organizations By Tucker Carlson, Vince Coglianese, Alex Pappas and Will Rahn - The Daily Caller   10:02 PM 02/12/2012

The puppet masters

Just as for hundred of years since Ferdinand and Isabella ...the European bankers financed wars which became so lucrative ...financing opposing sides to the extent of instigating wars became and continues to be a business strategy.

See **When Worlds Collide

It isn't just about money. The 'power' behind the 'special interests' aren't idiots.

They know precisely what  they are doing ...planning and preparing for this very moment in history over generations!

If, under so much scrutiny and visibility ...public officials are openly willing to defy the will of the people ...even in violation of Constitutional law and procedure to a do or die end the risk, expense, and security of the future of America (even their own children) since the Obama administration took control of the **Executive Branch ...then they simply do not care ...and will do what ever it takes to continue.

Every dot and tittle of Constitutional law and procedures have been examined and tested for flaws and weaknesses KNOWING their actions would be challenged even down to Obama's birth place!

The scary question is (as with **Radical Islamism or **National Socialist German Workers' Party [NAZI]) ...what motivating factor other than evil could be behind assured destruction of everything America was founded on for the reasons expressedsed in the **Declaration of Independence and, its citizens?

Special interests behind the scenes

Most people suspect and believe polls are skewed but never consider that their suspicion is factored in with loaded questions to offset the suspicion ...well placed within the poll itself.

If you've ever questioned the dubious nature of how these Gallup and other polls are created, you're not alone. During an election cycle, took out a **full page ad in the NY Times calling into serious doubt the methods and intent of the Gallup organization.

They're specifically claiming the Bush-Kerry polls are deliberately skewed to make it appear that Bush is in the lead when in reality, things are not this way.

CNN, being one of Gallup's customers, apparently didn't take this too well, and instead of legitimately reporting the story, **launched a spinfest dismissing critics' claims on the legitimacy of Gallup's polling methods with no opposing commentary and an ultimate "trust us - we know what we're doing"-type explanation.

USA Today is also another customer of Gallup who uses the polls.

In exactly the same way advertisers manipulate consumers to buy brands and labels, candidates are packaged and branded to lead a vulnerable and unwitting majority of voters by their noses to get candidates in positions of government that will have the greatest influence to carry out their agendas.

**Special and corporate interests like Monsanto, foreign interests, pharmaceutical and oil companies masked by super **PACs behind hand picked elected officials in both State and Federal governments know and understand the vulnerabilities and psychology of voters better than voters themselves.

Research polls such as **Rasmussen, **Gallup and **Polling Report, Inc., (often contracted by special and corporate interests) and ****focus groups seek statistics on public opinion to provide insights and advantage to special interests who want to control policy and direction in Washington by manipulating American voters through well scripted campaign rhetoric, ads, and images to elect politicians that will best serve their agendas rather than the people they are sworn to serve.

What if Obama is nothing more than a **shill for suckers?

**Obama: ‘One Of The Proudest Things Of My Three Years In Office Is Helping To Restore A Sense Of Respect For America Around The World’
09/15/12 The Hill

see ‘**American decent into Marxism’ 27.04.2009 Source: Pravda.Ru

In the midst of unending scandals from '**Fast and Furious' to **Benghazi ...from the **NSA and **IRS scandals to Obama's continued choices and support of controversial personnel and behavior, the one point even a child can see never raised by (even) conservative media, is the obvious fact that Obama's buffoonery is by design and in opposition to the reality that a fight for its very soul ...America needs a leader that can handle problems threatening America's very existence.

Surrounding America, are world leaders, current and former enemies of the United States who are taking advantage of America's weaknesses.

China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, even the forces behind the Arab Spring and the crisis in Syria are scrambling for advantage and position while laughing at the fool in the White House who is systematically dismantling America's strength in the name of a 'level playing field' ...yet despite taking credit for killing Usama Bin Laden and pulling the troops out of Iraq ...the enemies of Israel, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and the people of America are openly on the move because in reality, the current administration is making America weaker putting all even remotely associated with the 'west' in the cross-hairs.

In a world gone mad ...just to weather and overcome what's coming in 2014 The President needs to be  stronger than any  president in  the history of The United States ...deception and lies off the table ...with the combined qualities of **Thatcher, **Churchill, **Reagan, **Netanyahu and  **John F. Kennedy (at the height of the **Cuban Missile Crisis) as well as, as strong of a commitment to The Homeland and National Security as do **Netanyahu for Israel and **Vladimir Putin for Mother Russia ...with the full united support of We the People **as we had in World War II.

Unlike the buffoons now, the President needs to be be shrewd with the ability to surround himself with the right team of advisers who are committed to the best interests of the United States. 

The President needs to know elements and influences behind the scenes with the strength and confidence to stand up to pressures working against the best interests of the people.

As with greatness of leaders who history has proven ...the leadership quality of the President needs to inspire Americans and bring them together in unity and cause for the interests and pride of the nation.

Like the **Biblical Nehemiah
the President needs to have extensive knowledge of the Constitution  and Law to facilitate the ways and means to DEFEND AND REBUILD the nation and at the same time ...a diplomat, warrior, leader, strategist and politician. Read **Nehemiah Chapter 4

As obvious as any of this is, why are we where we're at?

As if a child can't connect the dots and see whats coming  ...amid the global challenges, the President is regularly briefed on the realities that threaten the very existence and sustainability of The United States. 

Not Rocket Science

Despite the likelihood of well calculated design and misinformation, Americans have been looking for answers to America's problems from politicians, pundits and manufactured **conventional wisdom presented by the media, as opposed to their own common sense.

...**God  hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;' 1 Corinthians 1:27 King James Bible

When man looks to himself for answers to universal problems ...and **pundits ponder with the best of **conventional wisdom ...the results are exactly where we are at this late hour.

Not unlike it is in 2013,  **Aristides said that on every street corner in Corinth one met a so-called wise man, who had his own solutions to the world's problems but when the discernment, **common sense, faith, and wisdom of a child is all one needs...

* Where were the experts before the crisis when we really needed them?
Why do things have to get out of control before '**pundits' come out of the woodwork.
If government which is controlled by a handful of people in comparison to 'We the People' isn't working and out of control despite the number of 'experts' .then who at this juncture could believe things can get any better?'

God says:

'**Because of this, I will once again astound these hypocrites with amazing   wonders. The wisdom of the wise will pass away, and the intelligence of the   intelligent will disappear.' Isaiah 29:14 New Living Translation;

'**For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent' 1 Corinthians 1:19 King James Bible.

But you  are not called to be foolish. Stay vigilant ...the picture will       become even clearer as events of 2014 continue to unfold.

Watch out that no one deceives you! Matthew 24


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