2010: Who Can Anyone Trust and Why?

2010: Who Can Anyone Trust and Why?

Whether we want to admit it or not ...most of us would really rather not be asked that question if we have to be completely honest.

The new candidate mantra has become 'We the People'. Unfortunately, not enough is being said regarding returning to and upholding The Constitution, 'Bill of Rights' and fundamental principles this country was founded on which have already been proven.

There are certain qualifications needed in a candidate beyond party affiliation and citing popular catch phrases and cliches and generally telling 'We the People' what we want to hear.

'We the People' should have learned a lesson in 2008.

Common Sense Questions

Before the 2008 election and subsequent administration, The Endrun Project Research began studying the declining condition of the United States as a nation and cultural society as a world power and leader in contrast with other nations in an obviously increasing global political and economic paradigm shift.

Rather than look for blame as is apparent in the political realm, The Endrun Project approaches, investigates and presents understanding with a 'Child Like' strategy beginning with common sense questions in an effort to identify causes and solutions that affect decline of prosperity, national and economic security, and growth.

The purpose and mission for the research began with the intent of breaking behavioral cycles that lead to and perpetuate generations of poverty and abuse of children caught up in what has become a culture of indigence.

Unfortunately, the decline of America as we know it through the apathy and complacency of 'We the People' over recent decades has opened the door to greed, conflicts of interests in compromise with 'elite' corporate powers, and corruption within our state and federal governments at the risk and expense of economic and national security leading to a sick nation and growing plight in the global community.

What begins as an interest in leveling the playing field for children in poverty here in America, the links below evolve into Healing a Nation and the world as we have known it which have been studied closely by global media and government leaders:

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The 2010 Finding America- [The Way Back] series are equally studied closely by global leaders, politicians, government and concerned citizens. The series addresses politics and dangers in a very critical time for America and the world raising the question to 'We the People' , 2010-2012 candidates, elected officials and global citizens ...So, How do we fix this?

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The question might be asked ... Why would major governments and people world wide concern themselves with these posts which are mostly about America?

Understanding the problems

Best described in a comment by a reader:

'I feel like we are in a revolutionary time and this movement applies to all things. The only way I can think about it is in terms of dimension, as if we were two-dimensional, we are in the "twist" part of a Mobius strip.'
Essentially, there is much more to America's future survival than 2010-2012 elections.

Demographics and World View are changing exponentially

Cairo: a New Wind Blows in Egypt

“Western policy towards this part of the world has been a total failure, in my view. It has not been based on dialogue, understanding, supporting civil society and empowering people, but rather it's been based on supporting a
uthoritarian systems as long as the oil keeps pumping.

“If you bet on individuals, instead of the people, you are going to fail. And Western policy so far has been to bet on individuals, individuals who are not supported by their people and who are being discredited every day.

“I see increasing radicalization in this area of the world, and I understand the reason. People feel repr
essed by their own governments, they feel unfairly treated by the outside world, they wake up in the morning and who do they see—they see people being shot and killed, all Muslims from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Darfur.” – Former IAEA Director-General and potential presidential candidate Mohammed ElBaradei, in his first English-language interview since returning to Cairo in Feb. (The Guardian, 31 March 2010) via Global Research, April 8, 2010

The article by Rannie Amiri an independent Middle East commentator for Global Research goes on to say:

'What ElBaradei appreciates and the “neo-cons” fail to, is that if politically empowered, the people would have exceptionally little in common with the self-styled, pro-Israel “liberators” of the Middle East.

During the 2008-2009 Israeli invasion of Gaza—in which Egyptians were prevented from demonstrating, raising money, or even blogging in support of besieged Gazans—if the Arab masses were not muffled into silence by governments that felt their best interests lie in siding with the U.S., the line of people rushing to Gaza’s aid would extend from Morocco to Iraq.'

Looking for answers

Changes are taking place throughout the global community.

While America flip flops and continues to grow economically and militarily weaker, the world is filling the void.

Even within the United States, groups such as The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) , the Obama embraced Organisation of the Islamic Conference committed to Islamic expansion, and radical Islamic factions such as Al-Qaeda associated with terrorist attacks against the Jewish State of Israel, Russia, France and other western nations grows spreading anger and bitter sentiment against the United States and the western culture.


Political parties and ideologies are shifting globally away from economic dependency and United States influence and more anti-Semitic adding pressure to diminishing relations between The United States and Israel.

Economic, political, ethnic and natural resource related tensions between countries are also on the rise increasing concern for future economic stability and nations' security.

Greece and the European Union are facing economic crisis that potentially threaten the Euro.

'The debt crisis that has taken root in Greece, sparking an investor panic and talk of a national default in the heart of Europe, is at the leading edge of a problem expected to roll through the economically developed world as government'
14, 2010 International Forecaster Weekly

The European single currency is facing an 'inevitable break-up' a leading French bank claimed yesterday. via Associated Newpapers Daily Mail UK By Sam Fleming and Tim Shipman Last updated at 1:07 PM on 13th February

Comes now the
2010 US Election

“If you bet on individuals, instead of the people, you are going to fail. And Western policy so far has been to bet on individuals, individuals who are not supported by their people and who are being discredited every day.

Mohammed ElBaradei of Egypt couldn't have said it better.

Given the track record of political achievement for either party ...collectively or individually for America in recent decades ...what makes anyone realistically believe that things will be any different one way or another after November 2010?

Unfortunately, regardless of party affiliation, some incumbents ...who are already proven worthless ...will remain

...their replacements? ...they will legitimately know no more about the real world or how to solve the problems ...than the average voter.

...and the 'elite shadow government' behind the 2008 Wall Street Crash, The Federal Reserve, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chinese technology, the manipulation and collapse (which wasn't a bad thing) of the formerly Communist Soviet Union , foreign & economic policy and many other history changing events since the first world war and very near future ...will continue to pull the strings.

...which brings us back to: ...our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.'

So... Why would major governments and people world wide concern themselves with these posts?

They know about the problems, and they know that things in this world are beyond repair and unsustainable within their own resources, strength, and knowledge. So too, as everyone else, they look for answers.

Nothing is as most people believe and perceive! There is only one way anything regarding the future is going to be resolved ...know and understand the enemy ... don't listen to people merely telling you what they believe you want to hear...

...'For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.' 2 Timothy 4:3...

Watch out that no one deceives you! Matthew 24

What does Endrun stand for and why? ...The Endrun Project and Mission

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The 'Endrun' image represents the disparity being felt by so many people ... especially the children who are witnessing events in America and the international community in which they have no voice or control of decisions that are destroying prospects and hope for a secure and prosperous future.