Syria: Propaganda ploys -- Perspective

Syria: Propaganda ploys
Who's the Enemy?

With Thierry Meyssan
by Permission

Somewhere in the midst of current events a set up is being orchestrated ...but for whom and by whom? Until you read between the lines and connect all the dots you really have no clue. see: Israel: 2012 Part Three Prelude to WWIII

In the bigger picture ...whether you agree or disagree means nothing. The motives behind each of the players in this scenario are vastly different yet a Woody Allen movie ...all are riding together on a runaway train on a collision course with destiny that all the kings' horses and all the kings' men can't prevent.

Only you can choose whether you are on that train or not as well as survive the aftermath. To do so would be better to understand how the pieces fit and why ...than blindsided.

As all Americans focus on the pathetic soap opera unfolding in Congress over 'Obamacare' and the 'Fiscal Cliff' ... people worldwide are watching events in the Middle East closely ...but, the United States who has the most to lose is the least interested.

Who's the Enemy?

Russia's Putin is making his moves in Syria and beyond June 27, 2012

President Putin is a chess master in world affairs and in protecting Russia. Nazi Germany underestimated Russia as the Communists underestimated Christianity. Naturally, the Bilderbergers underestimate Vladimir Putin, whom they have tried to assassinate this year in a video where US backed terrorist Doku Umarov is implicated.

Vladimir vs Bilderberg

McFaul, Gene Sharp with George Soros as his sponsor, are experts in starting color revolutions. It always seems to involve the US. Soros, who favors Romney now since he gave up on Obama, has been spreading "democracy" for years as a Bilderberger.

Regarding the US/NATO missiles pointed at Russia, Putin said when he was in Paris recently, "We are constantly being told that the missile defense system is not directed against Russia. We would like to receive military and technological guarantees fixed in legally binding documents,"

What's wrong with the US putting it on paper? Reagan did it. Then again, he was never a Bilderberger and the Bilderbergs will make damn sure a Reagan will never become president. So, was that a warning shot fired by Russia over Israel and Syria? I wouldn't be surprised. PRAVDA.Ru

An intimate interview with Vladimir Putin 6 September 2012

Mysterious light over Middle East identified as Russian missile test Al Arabiya Saturday, 09 June 2012


The Endrun Project has had the opportunity to share views from Thierry Meyssan on unfolding events in the Middle East region. Though we do not necessarily agree on all points ...we are not on the ground in Damascus, nor believe everything western influenced media presents on the topic of Syria and the Middle East is or should be what the general public is lead to believe.

French intellectual, founder and chairman of Voltaire Network and the Axis for Peace Conference. His columns specializing in international relations feature in daily newspapers and weekly magazines in Arabic, Spanish and Russian. His last two books published in English : 9/11 the Big Lie and Pentagate.

Propaganda ploys

It is a classic propaganda technique to present a particular opinion as a consensually agreed-on truth such all that those who contest it are made to feel marginalized. Applying this mechanism to Syria, the press outlets of both the West and the Gulf falsely attribute to the UN all kinds of positions that it has never taken. In response to mail from readers, Thierry Meyssan traces these manipulations of vocabulary.

The Western and Gulf media have long had the habit of using the expression “international community” to designate groups of states led by the United States to the exclusion of others. One reads with regard to Syria, for example, that “Russia and China oppose the international community” (sic).

The next phase of disinformation has been to include in all press releases the phrase, “The repression has caused more than 10,000 deaths according to the U.N.” Yet the United Nations itself never advanced these figures. They were issued by certain experts in its employ, from the High Commission on Human Rights or the Human Rights Council, specifically. If the U.N. had validated these reports, the Security Council itself would have authorized international intervention. Only the General Assembly and secondarily the Security Council can speak in the name of the United Nations.

The media outlets of the West and Gulf continue to distort the position of Russia, accusing it of being contradictory because, according to them, Moscow has blamed the Syrian opposition for the massacre in Houla when the day before Russia had adopted the Security Council President’s declaration recognizing the responsibility of the Syrian state in the matter. This requires some textual explication.

The fact of condemning the Houla massacre does not mean that the Syrian government stands accused of guilt for having carried it out. The government of Damascas was the first to condemn the atrocities, which it claimed were committed by the armed opposition. A demonstration against the crimes of armed groups was immediately organized in the capital by pro-Assad forces. Currently all the protagonists have condemned the massacre which no one has claimed responsibility for.

The fact of affirming that the Syrian government is responsible for the massacre does not mean accusing it of being guilty of having committed it. By virtue of the principle of national independence and sovereignty, a government is responsible for all that happens on its territory. Affirming this responsibility is the recognition of its prerogatives in terms of responding to the event. The Security Council proposal signifies the exact inverse of what the media would have us believe: it affirms that the Syrian government has the duty to intervene to protect its own population and that the use of force is thereby legitimate.

Urging the Syrian government not use heavy armaments in populated zones by virtue of Resolutions 2042 and 2043 neither signifies that it is thereby responsible for committing massacres in these zones nor that it is prohibited to act to repress the crimes of the armed opposition, but rather that it is called on to employ a proportional use of force. The Security Council construes that the disturbances to public order are to be treated as police problems and not as a civil war. It expects, henceforth, that Syrian authorities will establish order without using artillery—which inevitably creates collateral victims—even if the rebels are themselves employing heavy weaponry.

The declarations of the Security Council are the outcome of a consensus among the great powers. The vocabulary used should be understood in the strictest sense. Any other interpretation is actively distorting. The Council did not validate the allegations of the High Commission of Human Rights accusing the government of having killed 10,000 peaceful demonstrators in one year. The Council did not attribute guilt for the Houla massacre to the Syrian government. Russia did not vary its position.

Endrun Project Analysis

All of Humanity knows Syrians are continuing to die at the hands of evil atrocity. We also know for the most part, we rely on information as it is presented ...and as anyone knows at best (especially through this election year) media presentation is not without bias.

Additionally, in this age of information and technology 'sheeple' are easily manipulated by images and soundbytes to form general consensus or as sometimes referred to as 'conventional wisdom'.

From any perspective even a child can see at some point, ... it will be too late for effective political action. ... there reaches a point where it won’t matter who’s president and it won’t matter how devoted Congress is, the damage will be out of control.

There is a reason why 'conventional wisdom' of All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men is failing these days.

Watch out that no one deceives you! Matthew 24

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The 'Endrun' image represents the disparity being felt by so many people ... especially the children who are witnessing events in America and the international community in which they have no voice or control of decisions that are destroying prospects and hope for a secure and prosperous future.