Israel 2013 another step closer

Israel 2013: Another step closer

Russia and Syria

Latest update 05 June 2013

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June 2013

It isn't about knowing a little about a lot of events unfolding around us but the way they fit together.  

If you're interested at all in what is about to happen, why and very soon need to read beyond current events and understand how serious they are for all of Humanity.

Austria withdrawing UN peacekeepers from Golan Heights
Times of Israel 05 June 2013


UNDOF’s largest contingent to be pulled after fierce fighting between pro-Assad forces and rebels at border crossing between Syria and Israel; only Indian and Filipino peacekeepers remain.

Austria’s government says it is withdrawing the country’s 377 UN peacekeepers from the Golan Heights for safety reasons after the Syrian conflict briefly spilled over to an area near their position.

Vienna’s decision came after hours of fierce fighting between pro-regime and opposition forces at Quneitra, the only crossing between Syria and Israel, which is manned by the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, UNDOF. Austria’s contingent with the UN patrols the ceasefire zone between Israeli and Syrian territory on the Golan Heights.

Russia and Israel May 2013

30 May 2013

President Bashar al-Assad in an interview with al-Manar TV in Damascus, on May 30,2013 . Photo: SANA NEWS AGENCY

Assad: Arab world prepared to join fight against Israel Jerusalem Post 

"There is a pressure by the people to open a new front in the Golan," Syrian President Bashar Assad said in an interview broadcast on Thursday.

In an interview with Al-Manar TV station, Assad added: "even amongst the Arab world there is a clear readiness to join the fight against Israel."

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21 May 2013

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Revenge of the Bear: Russia Strikes Back in Syria  
Truthdig 20 May 2013

Putin, not visibly mollified by Netanyahu’s clarification, responded by announcing forcefully that he had sent to Syria Yakhont anti-ship cruise missiles and was planning to dispatch sophisticated S-300 anti-aircraft batteries. 

Both U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey and Israeli military analysts protested the Russian shipments. Although Netanyahu went on insisting that Israel would bomb Syria at will when it suspected supplies were being sent to Hezbollah, Putin had clearly just raised the risks of such intervention.

When sources in the Pentagon leaked the information that explosions in Damascus on May 5 were an Israeli airstrike, Putin appears to have been livid. He tracked down Netanyahu on the prime minister’s visit to Shanghai and harangued him on the phone. The two met last week in Moscow, where Putin is alleged to have read Netanyahu the riot act. Subsequently, the Likud government leaked to The New York Times that its aim in the airstrike had been only to prevent Syrian munitions from being transferred to Hezbollah in Lebanon, not to help in overthrowing the Baath government. The Israelis were clearly attempting to avoid further provoking Moscow’s ire, and wanted to send a signal to Damascus that they would remain neutral on Syria but not on further arming of Hezbollah.

Putin, not visibly mollified by Netanyahu’s clarification, responded by announcing forcefully that he had sent to Syria Yakhont anti-ship cruise missiles and was planning to dispatch sophisticated S-300 anti-aircraft batteries. Both U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey and Israeli military analysts protested the Russian shipments. Although Netanyahu went on insisting that Israel would bomb Syria at will when it suspected supplies were being sent to Hezbollah, Putin had clearly just raised the risks of such intervention. 

17 May 2013  

Russian warships enter Mediterranean to form permanent task force   

Russia Today  17 May 2013

Warships from Russia’s Pacific Fleet have entered the Mediterranean for the first time in decades. Russia’s Navy Chief says the task force may be reinforced with nuclear submarines, as the country starts building up a permanent fleet in the region.

“The task force has successfully passed through the Suez Canal and entered the Mediterranean. It is the first time in decades that Pacific Fleet warships have entered this region,” the Pacific Fleet spokesman, Capt. First Rank Roman Martov told RIA Novosti

16 May 2013

While America focuses on Obama, the rest of the world knows and understands that at any moment a trigger will be pulled and events unfolding in the Middle East will change the world as we know it ...forever.

In recent days while Americans have been consumed by ever increasing scandals surrounding the Obama administration, though much less important to the average American (being on the back pages and a mere sideshow in mainstream media talking points), news that Israel has attacked Syria on more than one recent occasion in the interests of her own national security.

Israel reportedly attacked suspected shipments of advanced Iranian weaponry — the Fateh-110 surface-to-surface missile — in Syria with back-to-back airstrikes this month. Israeli officials signaled there would be more attacks unless Syria refrains from trying to deliver such “game-changing” missiles to Hezbollah. Hezbollah said weapons shipments won’t cease.

More accurate than scuds and Katushas being used against Israel ...Iranian missiles allegedly being transported to Hezbollah through Syria near Damascus were destroyed by Israel. 

Notwithstanding, if equipped with chemical and biological warheads from Syria, Iranian missiles pose as extremely lethal weapons of mass destruction capable of effectively killing thousands of Israelis.

In an effort to avoid the inevitable, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladamir Putin in an effort to convince Russia from delivering previously sold Russian S-300 missiles and launchers.


The Russian president said that the only way to resolve the crisis was via “the soonest end to armed conflict and the beginning of political settlement.”

He added: “At this sensitive moment, it’s particularly important to avoid any action that could destabilize the situation.”

Netanyahu, however, said that the volatile situation in the Middle East requires action to improve security. “The region around us is very unstable and explosive, and therefore I am glad for the opportunity to examine together new ways to stabilize the area and bring security and stability to the area,” he said. The prime minister’s bottom line was that “Israel will do whatever it takes to defend its citizens.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly warned Russian President Vladimir Putin in an emergency face-to-face meeting on Tuesday that Moscow’s sale of the S-300 missile defense system to Assad could push the Middle East into war. 

In their talks, Netanyahu reportedly told the Russian president that the S-300 had no relevance to Assad’s civil-war battles against rebel groups, and implored Moscow not to deliver the systems.

Moscow says it must honor its deal with Damascus, even though Netanyahu warned Putin that delivery of S-300 missiles could plunge the region into war

Unmoved by Israel, Russia will send top air-defense system to Assad
May 16, 2013, 8:34 pm

Russia made clear on Thursday that it will go ahead with its planned delivery of a highly sophisticated air-defense system to Syria’s President Bashar Assad.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, evidently unmoved by the dramatic Israeli warning, declared on Thursday that while Moscow was “not signing any new deals,” it would honor existing contracts with Syria, including for the air-defense systems. “We’ve already carried out some of the deal,” Lavrov said, “and we will carry the rest of it out in full.”

A failure to honor signed contracts, Lavrov added in a television interview, would “harm the credibility” of Russia in other arms-sales contracts.

Lavrov’s statements indicated Netanyahu’s mission to Russia with President Putin
for emergency talks in the Black Sea resort of Sochi immediately after his return from China — had failed. 

Accordingly, the New York Times as reported by The Jerusalem Post was contacted by an Israeli official on the matter.

Official tells 'NYT' Israel will act to prevent arms transfers to Hezbollah; says Israel will retaliate if Assad reacts.

Israel will continue to take military action to prevent the transfer of advanced weaponry to Syria, The New York Times quoted a senior Israeli official as saying Wednesday, a day after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi to discuss the troubled situation.


According to the Times, the Israeli official – who contacted the paper – said, “Israel is determined to continue to prevent the transfer of advanced weapons to Hezbollah. The transfer of such weapons to Hezbollah will destabilize and endanger the entire region.”

“If Syrian President Assad reacts by attacking Israel, or tries to strike Israel through his terrorist proxies, he will risk forfeiting his regime, for Israel will retaliate,” the official was quoted as saying.

The comments came some two weeks after Israel reportedly hit a Syrian arms depot, a chemical weapons site and a weapons convoy in Damascus believed to be in transit from Iran to Hezbollah. Both Assad and Hezbollah’s head Hassan Nasrallah have threatened to retaliate.

The Prime Minister’s Office would not comment Wednesday evening on the report.

Meanwhile, Putin – at a press conference with Netanyahu following their meeting – said the two countries would continue to maintain contact regarding the Syrian situation.

A message to Humanity concerning current events  

Its important for you to understand the significance of recent events in Israel and the Middle East.

The final pieces of a divine puzzle are fitting in place according to plan at this very moment in time.

No part of Humanity will be unaffected by the outcome of pending events.

Despite denial by some, the realities of current events on the ground validate our research and content in this article wherein these are the days spoken of in Prophecy.


32 “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. 33 Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door. Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.'

As the United States turned the corner from political campaign mode directly toward the much talked about fiscal cliff and the President is sworn in for a second term ...Israel's Netanyahu retains his position as Prime Minister ...Israel is further out on a limb with even more daylight between the United States and the nation of Israel with hints of global war from the international bankers' 'global elite puppet masters'.

As events unfold, it appears some point,it will be too late for effective political action. ... there reaches a point where it won’t matter who’s president and it won’t matter how devoted the global community is ...the damage will be out of control.

Whether Jewish, Christian Muslim or indifferent for anyone who reads this there is an opportunity maybe for the first time recognize the Reality of God as ancient Prophesy is being fulfilled before your eyes ...what you do with it is for YOU ...where you end up at the end of it all.
The odds against unprecedented events unfolding as you read this coinciding with events described by ancient prophets in the way they are coming together are astronomical.

He who has ears, let him hear... Endrun Project Post: 'November 3, 2010: Now What?'

Watch out that no one deceives you! Matthew 24


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The 'Endrun' image represents the disparity being felt by so many people ... especially the children who are witnessing events in America and the international community in which they have no voice or control of decisions that are destroying prospects and hope for a secure and prosperous future.